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Machu Picchu drinks and kitten at the discoteca

Hello friends,

It’s 4:30 AM and I can’t sleep. What to do? Blog! Since we both need a break from nutrition I decided to write about my lovely trip to Peru. Overall, my trip was really incredible and besides the fact that I was sick, it was probably the best trip of my life (so far). I will briefly discuss the highlights of my month long excursion.

Ayacucho– This was the first stop. I was volunteering with PAMS which is an amazing foundation that provides much needed medical care to the people of Ayaycucho ( a region in Peru that was terrorized in the 80’s/ 90’s). The people in Ayacucho truly touched my heart and I can only wish that I impacted them as much as they impacted me.

Inca Trail- The Inca Trail was one of the most amazing, challenging, breath takingly beautiful hikes I have ever done. Not to mention there was great company and amazing food. I also had the best guides you could ever ask for.

The Jungle- The jungle was hot, sticky, and beautiful. Got to see some piranhas and weird pig-like mammals.

Cusco- The city of Cusco is absolutely amazing. If the air was cleaner I would in fact still be living there. In Cusco I learned Spanish and went clubbing. Every day. I also may have thrown back a few Pisco Sours and Machu Picchu’s.

Camino Inca

Lima- Lima is known as the “sad and strange city.” Interestingly, I did not find it at all sad, strange maybe. My last night in Peru was spent at The Point Hostel. I pretty much had the time of my life at this place and almost missed my taxi to the airport- partially because I didn’t have a watch and neither did my friend. Partially because I didn’t want to leave Peru. Love love love Lima.

Oh, since I am a nutritionist and all. I will take a moment to explain the cuisine. Amazing avocado, lots of meat, guinea pig, alpaca, quinoa, and aji!

Delicious Peruvian Food

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Massage Destruction

Alright friends,

If you are looking to gain some knowledge from this post I fear that I may fail you. However, if you are looking to gain some laughter wrinkles I have a feeling that you will get what you want.

First off, I would like to say that unless Massage Envy (more…)

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First off, I would like to say that this post is going to be more of a personal post and it is dedicated to my good friend Jaymee Zeller because she insists that I have to write posts about my life. I know that this needs a separate category, which I currently do not know how to do, but after my wordpress date with Janelle, I will know how to do everything.

So, I started my day off with a wonderful 2 hour and 15 min drive to Beverly Hills. I love when it rains in LA! Not. Actually, I did used to love the rain… Anyway, so I leave my house at 6:15, get to work at 8:30. Then its time to head to Virginia Rd. Elementary for Healthy Habits for Kids (the nutrition curriculum that I teach). Well, today traveling to the school was a daunting task since its pouring rain and I have to bring A LOT of supplies with me. I wheel around this rolley cart that has all my food supplies, materials, and lesson plans etc. Since the streets of Bev. Hills are flooded today I have to carry my cart, and lemme tell ya, this is no easy task considering I’m also carrying my purse, umbrella, and coffee cup.

So by the time I get to my car I’m soaking wet because I can’t properly hold my umbrella when I’m lifting my 30 pound cart. (ok, so I have no idea how much it weighs, but I’m a strong girl and its hard). Anyway, I’m driving out of the parking lot, and I can barely see because my glasses are soo fogged up and I’m so freaking hot because I’m rushing and wearing layers and I’m stressed. So I’m driving, I can’t really see, cars are honking. Not to sure why. Turns out I was in the middle of two lanes. Hahah. Fabulous.

Alright, on to lunch time. This is when my day gets REALLY good. I swing by taco bell before I go to my school. So, I’m already having some serious guilt about eating at taco bell before I teach my lessons, but I was so hungry and I’m in a “food dessert” as they like to call it and TB is my only option. I order my bean n cheese burrito, pay for it, and leave. YEP, I left without getting my food. Great. Whatever, I just go to my school hungry, all my papers are wet, and I forgot to bring the food allergy forms again! Ahhh!!!!!! Peanut allergies are no joke in elementary schools. So I get to school, I look like a mess and the children greet me with “Ms. Mason, you look different, whats wrong with your hair?” Apparently they are not into the Jew fro this weather has given me.

After I teach I go back to my office. I decided to park on the street because its closer than my assigned parking that I have to pay for. Bad Idea. I got a $60 parking ticket. Just what I needed! Anyway, that was my day. How was yours? I hope it was better than mine. Ha! Also, yay or nay or personal stories? Tell me the truth because I can personally write Jaymee a letter if you would rather hear about nutrition and I love posting about nut.

* Note, I love Jews, especially considering aprox. 3/5 of my best friends are Jews and I was Jewish for a while in high school and college.

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I’m a Nut


I love my walnuts!


First off, I would like to explain my name. Its sort of a double ontondra (sp?) type of thing. Number one, I love nuts! All nuts are nice, but especially walnuts are my very favorite! And, I would like to say, that I love walnuts regardless of their amazing nutritional value. My love affair with walnuts began when I was two years old and I got a box of walnuts for my birthday. It was seriously the best birthday present EVER. Rivaled only by my dog, my easy bake oven, and I guess my car was pretty cool too. When I saw that box of nuts I shrieked with joy! (I only know this because there is video). I strutted around with my nuts in one hand and my good ole’ blankey in the other. RIP blankey.

Number two, I sort of have a reputation of being a little whack-o, if you know what I mean. Not in a she’s so crazy she needs to go to the mental hospital type of way, but more like woa, that girl is pretty random/weird/funny type of way. I also like to say whatever comes to my mind. I think that this is definitely a positive trait and I wish that more people could be as candid as yours truly. Americans are so worried about being PC it is ridiculous.  But, I will say that it has gotten me into trouble a few times, especially since I have a loud voice and am sometimes not good at controlling the volume.  My sister can attest to this volume control issue, just ask, I’m sure she would love to tell you!

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