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Machu Picchu drinks and kitten at the discoteca

Hello friends,

It’s 4:30 AM and I can’t sleep. What to do? Blog! Since we both need a break from nutrition I decided to write about my lovely trip to Peru. Overall, my trip was really incredible and besides the fact that I was sick, it was probably the best trip of my life (so far). I will briefly discuss the highlights of my month long excursion.

Ayacucho– This was the first stop. I was volunteering with PAMS which is an amazing foundation that provides much needed medical care to the people of Ayaycucho ( a region in Peru that was terrorized in the 80’s/ 90’s). The people in Ayacucho truly touched my heart and I can only wish that I impacted them as much as they impacted me.

Inca Trail- The Inca Trail was one of the most amazing, challenging, breath takingly beautiful hikes I have ever done. Not to mention there was great company and amazing food. I also had the best guides you could ever ask for.

The Jungle- The jungle was hot, sticky, and beautiful. Got to see some piranhas and weird pig-like mammals.

Cusco- The city of Cusco is absolutely amazing. If the air was cleaner I would in fact still be living there. In Cusco I learned Spanish and went clubbing. Every day. I also may have thrown back a few Pisco Sours and Machu Picchu’s.

Camino Inca

Lima- Lima is known as the “sad and strange city.” Interestingly, I did not find it at all sad, strange maybe. My last night in Peru was spent at The Point Hostel. I pretty much had the time of my life at this place and almost missed my taxi to the airport- partially because I didn’t have a watch and neither did my friend. Partially because I didn’t want to leave Peru. Love love love Lima.

Oh, since I am a nutritionist and all. I will take a moment to explain the cuisine. Amazing avocado, lots of meat, guinea pig, alpaca, quinoa, and aji!

Delicious Peruvian Food

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